29 November, 2023


The best way to prevent your mattress from stains and dirt is to cover it with this sustainable mattress protector.This is a good choice for home with kids,elderly .

Product features include:
* Made of TPU waterproof coating ..
* High quality 100%water proof TPU material protect mattress from sweat ,leakage ,urine ,etc.
* Light in weight and easy to use .
* Material..polyester
* soft and comfortable..do not disturb your sleep quality.
* skin friendly and breathable
* Deep pocket design
* Good quality elastic skirt which makes easy to put on the mattress.
* Machine washable

●100%water proof increase the life span of your mattress .
●Noiseless and soft
There is no plastic like clinging sound and the material is soft that will not disturb your sleep.
●Makes your sleeping area free from bacteria and other dust mites.
●Design is suitable for 30cm depth.

# Before you buy :
Take the proper measurement of the mattress.
To make your kid sleep near you without worrying about diaper leakage ,or have a long lasting mattress.order this using the link