24 November, 2023

Tapioca -healthy benifits

Tapioca is a common nutritious vegetable .it is very rich in carbohydrate, proteins,vitamins and minerals.
Health benefits
Weight gain
Like some run back to lose weight others are in great work out to put on their weight.for those on underweight tapioca is a very good option.
Reduces blood pressure
Contains vitamin k that is a vasodilator.
Prevent alzheimer disease
Potassium rich vegetable is very good for mental health.
Mood booster
Tapioca is said to increase the level of serotonin this will help to boost the mood,reduce stress, etc.
Helps in digestion
Good source of fibres that is best for digestion and also relieve constipation problems.
Good source of protein
For veggies protein is the best source of proteins.
Be careful while preparing tapioca as it’s tubers cause intoxication. Have it carefully from reputed source especially packaged.