25 November, 2023

Steering wheel mini dining table.

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– [ ] It is Suitable for 99% of vehicles.
– [ ] Perfect accessory for long trips, fast snacks, or comfortable working hours in your car.
– [ ] This car desk can be attached to the driver’s steering wheel or fastened to the seatback.
– [ ] The foldaway straps on both sides and above can be adjusted respectively the opening angle and height of the car table is comfortable for everyone to use.
– [ ] Easy to clean with wet tissues or wet towel, without leaving any strange smell.

Specifications :
Made from ABS material, it is hard and not easy to disfigure.
The steering wheel tray can be installed in one second, does not occupy much space, and can be collected as soon as you use it. It can be used as a dining table and writing desk, the small size can be placed on for iPad, the large size can be placed on the laptop desk and reading rest table.

If you wish to order this Steering Wheel Mini Dining Table please click on the below link.