28 November, 2023

Soap box hands-free foaming soap dish

▫️Combination of soap holder and dispenser with Hollow drain holes, hollow trays drains water quickly out of storage box after each use .Designed in a way to save space and keeps clean and neat.

▫️Convenient to use, Its sponge rollers rubs against soap and create foams so without touching soap you can wash your cloths, and forget about soap sliping out of hands and dissolving.

▫️Product size is about 12.2*7.2*6.7cm / 4.8*2.8*2.6 inches. Made of plastic, strong and durable.

How to use

1. open the lid from top
2. press the buckle
3. take off the Roller
4. put the soap between spring base and Roller
5. put in roller and use

Packaging List

1 x Hands free foaming soap dish holder

. Measuring may vary slightly due to manual measuring and color may change due to difference between different monitors.

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