28 November, 2023

Silicone Shower Massage Scraper Non-Slip Bath Scrub Pad Foot Wash Brush

Shower foot scrubber mat of massaging specific areas of the foot or the hand in order to promote healing, relieve stress, etc.


▪️A foot massage mat will not only clean your feet but also give you a good blood circulation massage and helps to remove dry dead skin cells.
▪️Its bristles helps to reach areas gap between the toes and feet thoroughly without even bending.
▪️Powerful suction cup on the back, will attach well to the bathroom tiles or wall, so there is no chance of slippery while stepping .
▪️It is awful for cleaning feet back, hip hands with a astonishing massage along with it.
▪️It also helps in getting rid of bad unpleasant smell between the toes and foot.


Ergonomically designed with more than thousands of massaging bristles and strong suction cups. Its bristles touches all the acupressure points and will soothe and refresh your aching feet.

Benefits of Foot Massage Mat

Easy and comfort to use.

Keeps your feet beautiful and healthy.

Improves Blood circulation.

Helps to prevent from infections

prevents foot and leg tiredness