28 November, 2023

Self-Stirring Magnetic mug

. Awesome product that could useful for people who enjoy drinking hot beverages
. Designed to make it easy to mix your drinks without the need for spoon.
The Mug features a magnetic stirrer in the base, that is activated by a button on Handle.
. The mug is also made from high quality materials, durable and easy to use.

. Mug has built-in Rechargeable battery which allows you to recharge the battery as needed.
. Perfect for those who are always on the go and need a quick and easy way to mix their cofee, tea or other       powdered beverages.
. Made from food grade materials that are safe to use with hot and cold beverages, double wall construction   feature helps to keep your drink hot or cold for longer which makes it ideal for use on the go.
. Designed to be Easy to clean, Also leak-proof and comes with a spill resistant lid, making it perfect for   travelling, at home, office.

How to use:
To use the self stirring magnetic mug you simply need to pour your Favourite Hot or cold beverage into the mug and just press the button on the handle to activate the magnetic stirrer. Rotor inside the mug will do rest,The mug will automatically stir your drink for you.

Get yours today by clicking the link below and enjoy your drink everytime!