28 November, 2023

Round spiral quilt sheets drying rack space hanger


Material : stainless steel
color : silver
shape : Round/ square/ hexagon
size : 0.5*8, Total length 2m
Diameter 40*43 cm.


1. Rust proof, save space and Durable,Designed for bedsheet, mattress cover, blankets, quilt covers and other clothes.
2. Used in Indoor cloths rail, balcony, curtain rod and outdoors.
3. Easy to use, Arrange the cloths neatly and stack them from hanger entrance,spread the cloths from hanger evenly.Special Hooks can be hung on ceiling or rod.
4. Multifunctional and must have product.
5. Easy drying large bedsheets and quilt, allows good drying effect.
6. Easy installation and convenient to use

From now on, You dont need to ask someone for help to spread the bedsheets, can easily stack on hangers.

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