25 November, 2023

Rechargeable lint remover plus roller

Worried about the lint’s on your clothes and household articles? This Rechargeable lint remover and roller is the best solution to maintain your clothes from lint’s and fuzzy balls.

Make your clothes and house holds fuzz free:
*can use it for different kinds of clothing like sweaters,nunderwear,scarf as well as for household articles like sofa, cushions, quilt covers ,car seat coversand so on.
*Efficient cleaning
It has three blade lint remover (6 ,8,24 blades is also available)refined stainless steel knife mesh with multiple hole dimensions with high motor performance helps to thoroughly clean the lint, fuzzy balls and dust without damaging the clothes.
*It is simple and easy to use.
Press the start button on the handle and start to clean the lint.
When mesh cover is loose or filled with lints or dust ,remove the cover This makes it automatically off.
Easily clean the fuzzy ball with help of hidden roller.
*Easy to recharge
Rechargeable with different power sources like power bank, laptop, desktops, household sockets and car.

It can be used while charging
Product specifications
Material. .ABS+ stainless steel
Handle :plastic
Recharge time:1.5hrs
Voltage :5v

Why it is good :
*Quick and easy cleaning
*maintain the texture of the clothes
*rechargeable-can use it anywhere and anytime.
Long lasting durability
*detachable cover ensures easy cleaning of lint from remover
*easy to handle
*roller and blades are replacable
Defuzz your loving fabrics with this too good to use .professional lint remover.