24 November, 2023

Pickle -delicious extraordinary recipe

Pickles _our mouth gets filled with water when we hear it .pickles are very tasty and is unavoidable for many especially girls at meals.we also enjoying it eating without meals too
In European countries pickle refers to any vegetable like cucumber or carrot in vinegar and salt .
But in our country pickle has a totally different concept.its taste recipe vary from state to state or place to place.we often choose mango as the first preference for pickles.pickles are also made with gooseberry, dates,beetroot,pineapple,meat,fish, etc.
Pickle is the blend of spices ,chilli.
Different wide variety of pickle recipes are available.
Recipe for mango pickle
Chilli powder
Pickle powder
Mangoes are cut in to small pieces and mixed well with salt before the day of preparation. Next day this mixture is mixed with chilli powder, vinegar,salt, pickle powder.
This is mixed well in mangoes.
On a pan heat oil and add mustard.
Add this to the above mixture.
Your favourite pickle is ready.
Pickles are very tasty and healthy too.