26 November, 2023

Multi-function Door Stopper Safety Protector

When we have children at home, we no longer need to keep an eye on the doors while they play, introducing a fierce Door stopper, can be used to keep doors open safely.


1. can prevent slamming the doors due to strong breeze.
2. helps to protect your walls from damage
3. Prevent doors from closing suddenly or injuring people and avoids misfortune accidents while small childrens are around house
4. Door wedges are good at keeping doors open

Buying a door stop may not be expensive or important but it’s worth more than you realize.

How to install
◽️plastic door stop is easy to fix without drilling
◽️suitable for any floor, marble vinyl, mosaic ,tile , parquet, cork.
◽️easy to replace and does not leaves any mark
◽️before fixing make sure floor is clean and dry.
▫️remove protective sheet and
▫️stick it on floor where you want.

Multi functional door stop wedges is basic and excellent ,used at home,office or school.

why hesitate to buy a doorstop after knowing it, order now