27 November, 2023

Mini Finger Emergency Power Bank


. Mini wireless Design attached with carabiner can be easily clip to bags, belts, harness or any, More convenient for carrying in pockets, small bags, purse etc..

. Small and compact design,No need Cable to carry everywhere you go.

. Wide compatibility with different phones, for Iphones , Android, ipads, wireless speaker.

. Fast charging, dont worry about run out of charge emergency power source always within your arms .

. Designed in a way to withstand with outdoor condition. Its surface is waterproof, drop and dust resistant.

. Can be taken to different places like camping, Hiking, adventerous trip and mountaineering or wherever you go.

. Its small and cute design is light weight easily taken to different places for use.
Best for extending charge of your phones/ tablets.

. Rechargable and Battery capacity 1500 mAh, durable, portable and handy.

Package include

Keychain, data cable, user manual.

To buy this smart fingertip powerbank click the link below.