27 November, 2023


Kitchen is the work centre of a home. Not only cooking but also cleaning It after each and every meal preparation is really a task. Cleaning tiles , the cabinet doors, gas stoves every time is time consuming .

There is a perfect solution for this. introducing the oil proof, water proof adhesive stickers to maintain the kitchen. Specifications of product:

#self adhesive stickers made of vinyl PVC.

#water-proof,oil proof material.

#easily remove after use

#can be used to stick to kitchen wall, cabinet doors, gas stove stands, tile surface, wooden surface.

How to use:

●clean the surface and dry.In cold climate slightly warm up the surface using dryer.

●start to stick the stickers from the corners after peeling it and go on sticking and smoothing to get rid of airbubble trapping.

●after use easily remove by pulling the sticker without any damage to the surface.


Do not use for

*damaged surface

*uneven surface

*damp surface

You can place your order for this amazing product with this link