26 November, 2023



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One of the best ways to add life and color to a space is by styling the interior room with fresh indoor plants. They can add so much character to a room and liven up a space. In addition to the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoor plants have many health benefits, they help improve indoor air quality by eliminate toxins from the air, they helps to lowering our stress level and helps to get a deeper sleep. Plants can increase creativity and reduce stress. The best indoor plants for your home considering each plant based on its required amount of care, whether it flowers and more.

So why not giving plant decorating a chance?


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The entrance is the introduction to your home so it will be great way to decorate with indoor plants. The goal for the entry should be warm and inviting. When guests step right into your entry welcome your guest with style by adding touch of green to your front door. If you have small entry think about a vignette of smaller potted plants in a grouping. Group plants in odd numbers and vary the heights of the plants and vessels. Incase if you have larger entry think about an indoor plant is proportional to the visual space in the room. A single potted tree works best to anchor an empty room. Proportion is key no matter what room you’re styling the plants. Try a pair of planters to help add symmetry to the entry.


Living space is also where we spend a lot of time with your family or guests. Ever thought about incorporating plant décor in your living room? Planters in your living room they make for really beautiful sculptural décor.

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Having furniture item is common in living area but we can also enhance our living space decorating with plants. Think of anchoring one corner of your living space perhaps next to the sofa with a taller indoor plant. If you don’t have enough space for huge tall sprawling tree think about a series of potted plants, whether they are hanging or sitting on a coffee table. It helps to balance the space out with your furniture placement and disperse potted plants, so you are adding brightness and greenery to different corners of the living room. One of the best way to reduce the gloominess of your space is to use light colored furniture and planters.


Are you looking for something that fits your aesthetic and vibe?

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Greenery indoors brings positive vibes to the place and can make your eating experience truly delightful. Find an empty corner in the dining space to anchor a large tall tree. Go for really beautiful pot or urn or vessel to transfer the tree onto. If you are in studio apartment or an open concept space think about using bookshelf as a divider between your living room and dining room, you can then fill the bookshelf up with tons of plants in all shapes and sizes. If minimal is more your style think of a beautiful indoor plant that sits as the center piece for your dining table.


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Kitchen are one of my personal favorite areas to fill with indoor plants. Adding plants to kitchen bring some personality into your space. A lively colorful kitchen makes cooking and dinner feel more fun and less of a chore. If you have floating shelves in the kitchen think about layering plants in all different shapes and sizes. Some trailing some upright and indoor herbs while you are at it. A simple potted vessels with a beautiful bright green plant would be sufficient to add color to the space. Small potted herbs are a great solution for minimal spaces. A sink ledge is the perfect spot for a mini indoor garden.


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Add some botanical margin to a bedroom with plants, potted succulents and trailing foliage. Green plants not only add to the aesthetic values of a room they also have many health benefits. Decorating your bedroom with plants is a simple way to enhance your space. If you have unused corner in your bedroom, used that space for placing plants. Tall plants or small pots place on a table are great for corners.  A color full planter can make your bedside table a focal point of the room. Variety of hanging plants just brings indoor so beautifully. If you have a window with the ledge that will be the perfect spot for a collection of a favorite indoor plants. If you are looking for a little drama why not incorporate huge potted plant in the corner of the space.


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If you want refreshing bathroom, you can include small indoor plants for your bath space. It will make you feel fresh every time you return home after tiring day. It helps to make bathroom more pleasant by adding a touch of greenery. Take advantage of vertical wall space to style your plants or simply place the plant right on the floor. A spare tool makes perfect stand for plant.


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Arranging pots and planters on shelf or stand in corner of the balcony is the best option to create lot of space and grow as many plants as you want. Try to use the pots of geometric shapes and pastel shades. Even if you don’t have enough space on your balcony, there are certain ways in which you can make mini garden. You can go for hanging baskets and they will look stunning. All you need is some creativity to turn your balcony into a little heaven. You can add hanging plant boxes in your veranda railing to make it look pretty and generate more space. Balcony is the place that extends the boundary of your home and let u see the limitless sky by offering comfort.