29 November, 2023

How to choose light for your space!

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Lighting fixtures.

What types of lighting trends we can expect to see in 2023! From stunning vintage pieces to handmade ones, there were so many amazing lights. Lighting is like a statement piece to start a conversation and finishing touch the accessory for your room. Depending on your budget and aesthetic preference, you can choose from a wide variety of lighting fixtures that can either customize according to your needs.

photo courtesy: Pinterest

Improper planning of lighting can ruin your space. It is a most important design element for a home, offices, Restaurants. Doesn’t matter if you have best materials, found the perfect colors and beautiful textures if they are not illuminated properly it’s not worth the investment. Floor mounted lights, pendants and almost all other chunky types of lighting fixtures were used to add an elegance to space. Lighting may not be the very first thing you consider when designing space, but surely it shouldn’t be something you overlook. It can impact your mood in considerable ways.


When you plan about lighting your space, you need to know about these three main artificial lighting.

  1. Ambient lighting

Ambient or general lighting is soft, helps to illuminate broad open space.

2. Task lighting

They are targeted lighting

3. Accent lighting

It could be focused in one area of your home


  1. Think the purpose of the room before installing light fixtures

2. Lighting doesn’t have to only be functional, it can be beautiful as well. Choose what you love and it can translate into any style.

3. Choose right shade for your fixtures.

4. Use lighting in unexpected ways

5. Use dimmers wherever you can, you want to be able to control how dim or bright the light emits so you can control the vibe and mood of the space

6. Choose a lighting focal point

7. Include at least 3 sources of light in each room like general lighting, specific lighting and ambient lighting.

8. Go for small ambient lights, they brings warmth and softness to space.

9. Fill your home with natural lighting, nothing better than having natural light for your homes

10. Nothing looks good when it’s overdone so keep it simple.


For each room different lighting is needed and choosing right lighting for the different room is risky and complicated. Make sure you’ve chosen lights with proper functional purpose, with right amount of illumination shining off them and with stylistic element to add to the space aesthetic.

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Living room is one of the largest common areas normally in every home, so it’s better to install a chandelier because it has arms to appropriately fill up the space. These lights are always suspended from ceiling. They can be functional or aesthetic depending where you place them in the house.

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Dining room light fixture is usually situated right above the table, what we can to do is to specify smaller chandelier or a pendant light so not only does it light up your tabletop but it’s really beautiful focal point to kind of anchor this space. Pendant lights hang drastically low from the ceiling by chain, cord or wire.

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Kitchen islands are usually one of the trickier spaces to source a light fixture. According to the measurement of your island choose right type of fixture looks best underneath it. For smaller or square-shaped islands, look for a linear pendant. For longer islands try 2-3 pendant lights depending the length of the island. A pendant’s primary function is to act as a task light. Work areas benefit from the addition of under cabinet lighting and also you could add some specific task lighting above sink and stove.

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For bedrooms install wall night or vanity sconce even if you have general recessed lighting. A wall sconce is a perfect place to show off a little more of your personality. They are always directly mounted on walls and are usually mounted by themselves as an accent light. Often bedroom have a main overhead light source and table lamps.

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Bathroom is the place where we spend time to freshen and we can turn into simple quite beautiful place. Light in bathroom plays a big part in designing, it helps to change the mood. Bathroom lighting where you want controlled amount of light all the time so  have wall sconce in the bathroom and separate recess LED’s are recommended. You can also add task light around mirror.

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Passageways like hallways or closets install flush mounts where they brighten the room and allow for extra walking space. They are typically rooted in the ceiling. Scale and proportion is one of the most key ingredients when it comes designing your space, first you need to understand the size of your space and ceiling before you get to sourcing each individual light fixture for your space. So for 8-foot ceiling a flush mount fixture would be best. For 9-ft ceiling either install flush mount or semi flush mount

For 10-12 foot ceiling height you can have little bit more option depending on where the location is, consider your furniture plan what’s lying underneath it and how far you can drop the fixture down. So not only would allow this to fill up your space better but the size of the light fixture would be a really beautiful contrast to the height of the ceiling.