27 November, 2023

Grapefruit for health

The juicy fruit which comes in varied colours like red ,pink &white is beneficial for our health.for some its blend of bitter and sour taste makes it away from their fruit list.
Still the fruit is very good for the health. It contains minerals,vitamin, flavonoids, fiber, lycopene etc.
The fruit helps our health in these ways
Helps to strengthen immunity
It is a good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C along with other micronutrients helps in healthy nourishment of the body.
Weight loss
It can be one of the best fruit chosen for weight loss without changing a lot in your diet.have a cup of this fruit half an hour before the meal to get best result.
Ease digestion
Helps in the easy digest ion of food because of high amount of fibers.
Contains high water content &electrolyte the fruit act as a good hydrating agent.
Lowers blood pressure
Contains high level of potassium which is a good vasodilator that is responsible for reducing blood pressure.
Prevention of kidney stones
Naringenin is çhemical substance that prevent the formation of cysts.
Also reduces kidney swelling
As it act as by retaining large content of water.
Prevention of cancer
Antioxidant rich fruit is effective in preventing cancer.
Lycopene content also have resistance on prostate cancer.
Incudes this fruit in your diet.stay healthy and happy..