28 November, 2023

Electric cleaning Brush

1. Portable Electric cleaning brush are very useful for cleaning a variety of surfaces quickly and easily.
2. Helpful for cleaning surfaces that are difficult to reach or that require a lot of scrubbing.
3. one machine, multi purpose cleaning with 3 mode washing: soft sponge Head designed to gently clean and     scrub delicate surfaces, often used for cleaning dishes, countertops, gas stoves and other surfaces that require a gentle touch polyster sharp brush is used to scrub and clean tough,stubborn stains and grims from hard surfaces like cleaning tile, grout and other surfaces that require a more intense scrubbing action nylon Brush head is often used for cleaning carpets, upholstery and other surfaces that require thorough cleaning .
4. More effective than manual scrubbing which can be tiring and time consuming
5. The electric cleaning brush is powered by 4 AA batteries, which allow it to work quickly and efficiently.
6. Eco-friendly compared to disposal cleaning products

1* portable multi function electric cleaning brush
1*soft sponge Brush
1*polyster sharp Brush
1* nylon Brush

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