28 November, 2023

Easy hacks to make your home feel luxurious!

To make your home look and feel more luxurious and expensive. Create beautiful spaces, doing it on a budget will be exciting and thrilling. To be able to create amazing spaces without breaking lot of money. So let’s see all designer hack, so you can create same look in your home as well.

Let’s make our homes look and feel beautiful!


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It is the first thing where people start when it comes to redoing a space or freshening up their home if you stick with neutral color palette, white walls you will end up with a more high end more luxurious look. It will give you that flexibility to add in different colors and textures with rugs and furniture and décor. Using warm white paint I think it gives a cozy luxurious look to your walls and you can accent it with a crisp white for all of your trim doors and molding white paint, without doubt it will brighten up your home and make it look new , space look a lot bigger. White is sometimes tricky to pick since there’s so much variation. Ultra white would be best for trim molding and doors


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To create a beautiful designer space in your home and it doesn’t need to cost a lot every time. To style your space try to use thriftier décor. What you’re using to style your space how much it will cost is all about how you place it and best is to rule follow is the rule of three. Use items that are different sizes shape color and texture and group them together in groups of three that will give you dynamic angles and layers and really create an easy styled space. If you have vase with stems going really high have something kind of flowing lower and then throw in a décor piece that’s in between that will give you that designer look no matter what you’re using to decorate with and when you’re styling those three pieces think about what they are, and texture and warmth like a basket or a woven tray or also ceramic that’s add a really cool shape. So don’t waste your money or expensive décor. Buy affordable décor and style like a designer.


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While open up your cabinets and you see a bunch of different colors sizes and different materials of dishes it just looks messy it looks a little cheap and it’s not giving a high-end experience or look so easy. Change you can make is get matching dishes they don’t have to be expensive dishes.  If they are matching you will have more luxurious looking kitchen it’s not spending a lot of money on dishes and getting the most expensive ones you can for the simplest affordable dishes that are matching and your kitchen will look a million times better now.


Furniture layout there is something about a put together space with a good furniture layout if you have furniture pushed against the walls and not really organized in a way for conversation and focal points and creating an experience your space will just not give off that high end luxurious feel. Be creative with your furniture layout, it something that can be changed up and move around in your home. It’s not permanent and turns really fun to play with.


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Usually helps slow down your nervous system. Scent matters when you’re walking into someone’s home and it smells a little musty or just may be doesn’t even smell like anything. It doesn’t create that homey experience that you may be looking for. Some scents like jasmine, rose, lavender, vanilla and bergamot are best because its scent may slow down nervous system, helps to relax body and mind to improve sleep quality. Decorate your room with your favorite scents and flowers. Use scented candles or any your favorite room spray.


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Having white plush towels in your home feels expensive, it looks amazing in a linen closet they look amazing in your bathroom. Having just crisp white towels will make such big difference so it’s just a little thing in your home to make it look luxurious. So get those matching white towels and you home will feel like a hotel.


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Every single room and home needs and that is lamps. Floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps there are so many different ways to add lamps to your home, different scales and sizes and lamp lighting makes all the difference. Turn off all your ceiling lights turn on your lamps and your home will feel so luxurious and cozy. It’s all about creating that luxurious experience in your home and not about spending a lot of money on lights.


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It’s just huge element two creating a beautiful looking space sometimes. You just don’t have file enough storage around your home that you need to keep things out on this display or out on your counter tops and sometimes that can look really messy so it’s best to re-jar space project to make them looks like a decorative opportunity do  in your bathrooms kitchen or laundry rooms.


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When it comes to styling in your sofa your bed your side chairs around your home you need to use the designer hack. Get larger throw pillow inserts and smaller throw pillow covers that will really tighten the fabric of your throw pillows have them stand up tall look really puffy and plush and they won’t look so limp and flat. So if you have an 18 by 18 pillow cover which is a very standard square pillow cover get a 20 by 20 pillow insert all you have to do is size up by two inches and it will do the trick it’s all about choosing    the right size of everything


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To make your space look and feel more high-end and luxurious. The first thing you need to remember is the scale of your furniture. If you have a smaller space maybe lower ceilings. Best to go for lighter weight furniture smaller scale pieces to fit the scale of your space and for high ceilings a larger space you can definitely do more substantial heavy furniture more statement pieces so consider about the space you’re in and shop accordingly.Hope, this will give you some ideas on how you can make your home more expensive without spending too much of money.