24 November, 2023


Toilet cleaning is a part of hygiene. It is a lazy to do thing and we get more irritated with the brush used for cleaning.There will be hairs or dirts clinged to it which is difficult to clean and the other thing is it will be always wet as we mostly place it on the floor surface or in a container provided for it.we are not bothered about keeping it dry after use.This brush becomes the house of microbes and now the question is how can you say that your toilet is hygienic.

This Multipurpose DISPOSABLE TOILET BRUSH CLEANER will make these problems at bay.

●Long handle made of plastic which is 41cm in length.
●Sponge brush heads with multilayers that ensures a dirt free and glaze cleaning along with strong water absorption power.
– cleaning fluid layer
– non woven fabric layer
– sponge layer

.●The toilet cleaner has 8 brush heads and storage bar.
●Easy to use and replace
The brush heads can be easily disposed after use by pressing the button on the handle.
Next when you clean you can place the new brush head by ..
*press the button on handle
*align the handle with refill brush head interface.
*release the button and now the work is over,start cleaning.

Ensures hygienic cleaning
The brush head is flexible and can easily clean dirt from each and every corner.
Multipurpose use
It can be used to clean the toilet seat bottom,lid and inside the toilet.
Easy to store
Requires less space ,you can either place it on a corner of bathroom or fix it on the bathroom wall near to the toilet tank.
Germ free
As the brush is replaced after use no need to worry about the germs on the brush and the brush head will always be in a dried condition.

To keep your toilet with long lasting freshness and hygienic ,order it nowitself using the link below..