23 November, 2023

Dental Flosser Picks Toothpicks Teeth Stick

Fawnmum filly considers the ergonomic design, the middle texyure treatment, and the anti-slip handle design, which is conducive to hand-held operation and multi-angle steering. The tail arc hook design makes it easier to use and can penetrate deep into the back of the teeth to deeply clean the teeth.

High molecular weight polyethylene fiber

Polvethylene fiber material Fawnmum is the first to be used in oral care products.

Incoming line bite design

Fawnmum oral mechanics is designed so that the teeth can easily enter the line.

Ergonomic hand press design

The hand-pressed part is located at the golden section of the flosswhich saves effort and protects the gums.

Back teeth clean hand design

Holding the anti-skid point forwardscien- tifically solve the problem of back teeth cleaning.

Logo design

Each floss stick has a Fawnmum logo for anti-counterfeiting.

Luban axe design

Clean the deep gums and remove the residue between the teeth.