24 November, 2023

Bitter gourd for better health

Bitter gourd is a fruit not a vegetable that we have to remember first.while we hear the name of this fruit our face become bitter.
The fruit eventhough is very bitter in taste it is very better for your good health.
It contains an immense storage of vitamins,minerals, antioxidant etc that helps our body’s health in many ways.
You can get benefited from this fruit as follows
Regulate blood sugar level
This is known to most of us.the fruit contain p-polypeptide that reduces the higher blood sugar levels
The good news is that it is effective for both type 1and 2diabetes.
Good for your skin
Rich in antioxidant vitamin C, vitamin A helps to protect skin from ageing, protect from uvaiska light,decreases wrinkling,acne etc.
Lowers LDL or bad cholesterol in the blood
This property make it heart friendly. It also reduces the risk of stroke .reduces blood pressure because of the presence of high amount of potassium.
Good for hair
Helps in Preventing hairfall and greying of hair. You can apply the paste over the scalp.
Liver tonic
Helps in washing away alcohol intoxication. It is good to have a glass of bitter gourd juice for healthy liver.
Aids weight loss
Good option to put down your weight as it is low in calories, carbohydrate and fats.
Bitter gourd is healthy fruit.try to have it to reap its benifits regardless of its taste.