23 November, 2023

Adjustable Feather Duster With Extendable pole Dust Removal Tool.

If you find it difficult to clean all the hard-to-reach areas, no need to worry, this Extendable duster with special features allows to clean more thoroughly, No more risk to clean high areas with extendable Handle. Its free bending features effectively cleans on corners and irregular shape objects.
Easy to wipe the cobweb, dust on window blinds, any appliances, picture frames, ceiling fan,furniture,corners and to clean high areas without danger. Easy to clean after use. Easy to install and detach Keeps your Home clean from Dust.

About Item

– [ ] Material used Microfibre, stainless steel
– [ ] Retractable and extendable upto 280cm/88 cm
– [ ] Quantity 1 set

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