24 September, 2020

Acer launches Leap ware, fitness focused smartwatch

Acer launches Leap ware, smartwatch which is packed with features to promote fitness and healthy lifestyle. The features a circular 1.6 inch display and in built sensors which tracks whole range of parameters including heart rate, stamina, stress and UV rays exposure.

The leap ware smartwatch works with Acer’s liquid life app for both android and iOS operating system and motivates users by offering rewards for achievements through the liquid life market. After being paired with the app, users can view information on the screen of watch such as calling and message notifications.

The leap ware smartwatch is powered by a MediaTek MT2523 chipset and a MT2511 bio-sensing chip within a polished stainless steel circular frame. The smartwatch claims battery life of 3-5 days.  Watch comes with Corning Gorilla glass SR+  so as to reduce the visible scratches and to protect from everyday wear and tear.

The leap ware smartwatch features a IPX7 3 water resistance. It comes with interchangeable bands which has two colors (navy blue and light brown).