26 November, 2023

1275sqft Double Floored

Here in this post we share best amenities built in a way that is financially affordable for a common man. The main aim of the designer was to build home with essential facilities in a lower budget.This home is designed to be built in 1275 Square Feet.This 1275 sq. ft house includes a sit out, attached bathroom,common bathroom, 3 bedrooms, living, kitchen, dining and Balcony .Here we made use of open type interior .Thus the space is maximum utilized .

The living and dining room are spacious and are the part of hall .There are one bedrooms on the ground floor and two on the first floor . All Bedrooms are spacious too.

Ground Floor is designed in 610Sq ft

Bedroom: 1

common bathroom: 1

Car porch

living room

dining room



First floor is designed in 665 Sq.Ft




Attached Bathroom-1